Cocktail Clinics

By night Shaker&Company is a New Orleans inspired cocktail saloon, but by day it becomes the training school for internationally renowned hospitality training providers Shaker BarSchools.

Shaker BarSchools offer a range of courses for professional bartenders, working alongside the WSET and the UKBG to assure that Shakers training courses are second to none.  But we have not forgotten you cocktail lovers and Shaker has created a number of courses specifically for the cocktail enthusiast.

Choose from:

The Cocktail Clinic

a private 1.5 hour cocktail clinic for groups of 10+ people – £35.00 + VAT

To enquire about a Cocktail Clinic email


The Cocktail Masterclass

a 5 hour cocktail extrazganza for the real cocktail enthusiast – £149.00 per person (private masterclass available for groups of 10 or over)

To enquire about the Cocktail Masterclass visit Shaker UK