Who doesn’t love the 80’s?

Great anthems, disco cocktails and don’t forget the big hair and leg warmers, what’s not to enjoy???…our thoughts exactly!

The basement 80’s theme bar was born…

Just like the Goldbergs we didn’t want to hold ourselves down to a specific moment of the decade. So taking inspiration from the show and some of our fondest memories of the decade ‘Nineteen Eighty something’ was born.

Down in the basement of Shaker & Co, Nineteen Eighty Something grew.

We’ve crammed it full of 80’s memorabilia, classic TV shows like Trap door and Knightrider, pumping out the hits of the time and iconic artists all the way from Madonna to Bowie.  We’ve got rubicks cube tables, neon colours and its jam-packed with 80’s toys and fully working video games consoles to bring back all those childhood memories.

To continue with the 80’s theme we have created a small but perfect 80’s cocktail menu. EXAMPLES  While you are enjoying your specially designed 80’s disco drinks  you can challenge your mates on the sega mega drive. While bopping along to banging 80’s tunes!