Monday Cocktail Cinema Club
Monday Cocktail Cinema Club @ Belle&Co

Monday Cocktail Cinema Club @ Belle&Co


The Monday Cocktail Cinema Club (MCCC), showing iconic vintage, black and white, cult and modern movies to regulars and newcomers, screenings will be selected for their iconic booze status and those that feature classic cocktails and hard liquor. Throughout film history, alcohol has been at the forefront. Silent movies used liquor to teach the cautionary lessons and generate the belly laughs with drunken slapstick. Bootleg booze fuelled gangster films and champagne supplied the fizz for screwball comedy, whilst cocktail sipping swingers and spies supplied us with classic cocktails that are ingrained into our minds for eternity ‘martini shaken not stirred’…really!!! Iconic cocktails will be tailored to each film and offered at an amazing £5 and free flowing cocktail-flavoured popcorn (think Margarita and Bourbon-Toffee Popcorn) alongside handmade pizzas and burgers. We kick off the CCC with the film that launched and inspired a thousand bartenders and bars across the world…

Cocktail a 1988 romantic drama starring Tom Cruise as a talented and ambitious bartender who aspires to working in business and finds love with Elisabeth Shue while working at a bar in Jamaica. After leaving the United States Army and moving to New York City, Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) gets a part-time job as a bartender at night while studying for a business degree. At first, Brian is a terrible bartender, revealed in a montage of his screw ups. Over time, he learns the tricks of the trade including flairing from his boss/mentor Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown). Brian and Doug soon become very close; Doug readily assumes a mentor role over the young and naive Brian, and rains advice and opinions down upon him. His advice takes a familiar structure as he usually begins most of them with “Coughlin’s Law”. An example of his expert advice, which actually turns out to be quite poignant, is “Coughlin’s Law: Drink or be gone!” Other pearls include: “Bury the dead, they stink up the joint.” and “Anything else is always something better.”


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